Space Saloon: Fieldworks

Space Saloon: Fieldworks took its thematic inspiration from the cumulative methods of scientific field research—the approaches, techniques, and processes used to collect raw data outside of a laboratory setting. Project and workshop leaders questioned the constructs and apparatuses through which we perceive a place. Questions were raised on the production of sites of knowledge, and how quantified data is transformed into a qualification of meaning and significance. Projects modulated, enhanced, and manipulated one’s perception of landscape through the crafting of new imaginative spaces. 
Two weeklong projects were constructed, led by Office Kovacs + Kyle May, Architect, and MILLIØNS (Zeina Koreitem and John May). Each day, a new workshop took place which engaged students in subjects divergent from their building projects, ranging from coding exercises and sound mapping, to performances and interactive installations.


Curators: Danny Wills, Gian Maria Socci

Organizational Team: Rebecca Looringh-van Beeck, Max Harden, Willis Bigelow, Fruzsi Karig, Kate McAleer

Team Leaders: Office Kovacs (Andrew Kovacs), Kyle May, Architect, MILLIØNS (Zeina Koreitem and John May)

Workshop Leaders: i/thee (Neal Lucas Hitch, Martin Hitch, Kristina Fisher), the 2vvo (Lena Pozdnyakova, Eldar Tagi), Leah Wulfman & Maxime Lefebvre, Rebecca Looringh-van Beeck, Listening Instruments (Alex Braidwood), Alex Coetzee, Roundhouse (Noemie Despland-Lichtert & Brendan Sullivan Shea)

Media: Zeno Legner

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