WUHO Workshop

A workshop was held with the Free School of Architecture and the Woodbury School of Architecture Gallery (WUHO) to teach students about contemporary environmental sensing devices. Students mapped the various energyscapes of the building using an array of accessible devices.
A point cloud was generated from a series of 360 degree video recordings using the process of photogrammetry. This provided a user-generated digital model using simple and affordable scanning technology. The next step in the process was to measure the space with a handheld weather meter - recording differences in temperature and humidity data throughout the building. This data was layered on top of the original point cloud to make a digital landscape in which energy can be explored and understood in a visual manner. The workshop engaged students in the process of relating abstract concepts like temperature to visual and spatial systems, in the hope that they become more aware of how to design architecture through a manipulation of not just form but energy.

With the Free School of Architecture

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