The Public Spectacle

The sidewalks of cities have become contested zones, where pedestrians usually lose out to cars and other vehicular traffic. The “parklet” model initiated by Rebar represents a simple, “user-generated” strategy to expand the public realm where existing sidewalk width is insufficient to support a vibrant street life. The Public Spectacle parklet, commissioned in 2014 by Swissnex San Fransisco, and developed in partnership with Jan Gehl Architects, builds on the idea of encouraging new forms of civic agency by providing an adaptable space for public exchange.
The parklet was designed in collaboration with students from ETH and the University of Berkeley through participative building workshops. After a week long seminar on the topics of place making and public space, students designed and built a series of furniture elements to compliment the main parklet.

Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, ETH Zurich

Client: Swissnex San Francisco

Project Manager: Danny Wills, Katerina Kourkoula, Hannes Gutberlet
Project Assistant: Max Harden, Jack Isles

Partner University: UC Berkeley
Tutors: Kristina Hill

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