Skull Rock Instagrammetry

This project closely examined a selection of publicly available DATA-scapes, sourced primarily from social media. Surveying a public and well known, much instagrammed object, Skull Rock, located in Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California, provided a large amount of publicly available data. Photos were collected from Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr, processed in a series of 3D image mapping softwares, and rendered in 360 degree space, to then be remapped back into the public realm via sources like Google Street View. A series of DADA-inspired workflows were designed to transform the collected data across global coordinates, xyz spaces, rgb values, and uv projections.

Southern California Institute of Architecture, with Professor David Ruy

Team: Danny Wills, Leah Wulfman, Maxime Lefebvre, Noel Ortega, Claire He

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