Limits of Closure

This investigative design project positioned architecture as a medium through which data can be collected, re-imagined, and distributed into spatial effects, rather than mere representations. Students developed speculative  “performances” which reconsidered current methods of analysis and simulation. Throughout the semester students researched various methods of climatic analysis and environmental surveying, understanding the inherent subjectivities present in perception. Their designs took the form of narrative stories, speculations, and fictional tales, as they attempted to reconstitute their original spaces into new imaginative atmospheres, spatial cross-breeds and reconstructed realities.

Year 4 Options Studio
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
International Program in Design and Architecture

Students: Thanatcha Pojthaveekiat, Nithit Chompatana, Maethavee Padungsakdisin, Nattha Dhamabutra, Isaya Kitcharoen, Ksidij Olarnlarp, Chit Su Yi Win, Panat Triwattana, Santasak Apasuthirat

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