Hello Pizza

Found at the center of our courtyard is the oven, surrounded by a modular table where all of the processes of making pizza become shared moments – growing herbs and ingredients, preparation of the dough, baking, eating, and cleaning, including compost and other sustainable circular systems. Through the layered assembly of both construction elements and acquired ingredients, grows the pizza kitchen in complexity and variety – expressing the multiple backgrounds and tastes of those coming together to eat, drink, and celebrate.

Gian Maria Socci and Collective Plant (Zsófia Szonja Illés)

Client: Hello Wood

Team: Yeon-Kyu Lee, Emma Henderson, Caroline Moinel, Hannah Sheerin, Jimmy Lei, Wendy Leung, Cezar Moldovan, Guiseppe Ferrigno, Mathias Gommier, Cristiano Gerardi, Amy Grounsell, Hanna Rudner

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