Energy Fab Lab

In today’s battle for truth, we no longer understand reality or knowledge as a common shared entity; the image permits a variety of perspectives—real, projected, imagined-—and grants each viewer the capacity to invent their own imaginative world. Data, after all, is but a lens through which the world can be viewed. If our cognition of the world is governed by these data sets, we need to question where this data comes from, and how it’s even collected.
This project explored various data manipulations from a series of imagining and environmental devices (LIDAR scanning, 360 photography, weather stations). Layering color, environment, and sound, the final project produced a Virtual Reality video which simultaneously combined multiple data sets. When viewing the video in the same space it was recoreded, the project explored the opportunities to push the boundaries of perceivable space.

Southern California Institute of Architecture, with Professor John Bohn

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