Endemichomes Design Studio

In the realm of domesticity, daily living consolidates a set of inputs and outputs to accommodate our routines. We need to eat, drink, sleep, cleanse and socialize, and we need shelter from the elements. These inputs and outputs form an intrinsically linked series of systems that we can analyze, untangle, understand and ultimately redesign. This studio questioned how varying scales of infrastructural systems required for the processes of a ‘standard’ home could be deconstructed and then applied in innovative ways within the context of a Southern Asian city.

Adjunct Professor
International Program in Design and Architecture, Chulalongkorn University

With Rebecca Looringh-van Beeck

Students: Phurin Jungteerapanich, Luksika Pratumtin, Passakorn Suwanggool, Boontita Boonsusakul, Sakdithat Pitakkotchakorn

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